Monday, 1 October 2012

Walking with the signs...

What a day I had... 

As I rise and prepare for work, 
a low vibration is around me, 
as I have my first disappointment 
for the day; 

"But it's only morning"my soul speaks; 

as my mind tells me the day is already 
over go back to bed.  

As i get to the station the lady in the 
booth, started ranting some truth; 

the transaction had pure knowledge. 

On the train as my stomach churns, 
"Just go home" my stomach says.

It's not over yet "My soul shouts"

So we arrive at the destination, 
My stomach smiling and my 
mind at ease; 

Now we're here we can all relax. 
My mind prepares me for nursery 
children, my soul wants older children. 

My Soul wins... 

As I enter the room 
My soul is free spirited. 
My mind is open, 
My heart is relaxed;

Children everywhere, as i 
enter flamboyant, I feel like 
a star, as a group flock asking 

"Are you a rapper?"
"Do you have a blackberry?"
"Spit a bar"

The soul takes over and I freestyle 
wisdom for their age and explain 
the life I see.

My mind went with it and my heart 
was still relaxed. 

They take to me as I am one 
of them, following me as I am 
a celebrity. 

It was funny and gave me a 
spirit boost, my soul comes  
too it's highest peak. 

As I sit there and converse with the future 
My intention becomes more clear... 
and I believe

There is still hope... 

(Dedicated to the children@St John The Baptist
You lot have the potential to be your best.
And Underground Janet for a real conversation) 

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