Thursday, 25 October 2012

We are the new earth...

Your good deeds shall come to you
when you are in doubt;

So never doubt the power of good.

If you want to see positive then
believe in it.

The world you think, will be constructed
through your thoughts.

We are beings beyond our imagination;

This is our playground, let's take back
whats rightfully ours.

we are given life and we repay it
with slavery...

This was not the way, the script has been
edited and we act through this bad movie...

It brings me great joy to see enlightened souls,
for it is they who reflect my faith;

Their belief brings high spirits in low times.

May we tread in the new age, with a new light...
for darkness cant rule forever.

We should break all the clocks
and live on natures time...
not nurtured time...

so we can truly live our time.

"New earth will only be created if
we abandon temporary desire, let us
rise to the heavens, not be burned in the fire"

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