Wednesday, 10 October 2012

whats your relationship saying...

How many dates must you go
on to find the right one,

Are you looking for love or
seeking some extra fun.

Do what you have to do
Whatever the reason,

If theres plenty of fish in the sea
better go to sea at the right season.

So you just started out, and you
have seen his true colour,

But you still believe in hope and
want him as along term lover.

Sometimes he may not be what
you're looking for,

If the relationship was shut,
just kick him out and open a new door.

5 years in, secret meetings at the inn,
adultery in marriage is the biggest sin,

what was the point in getting her that
diamond encrusted ring?

Maybe it was lust at first sight,
lost the love, so love will never win.

So you have a boyfriend who's paranoid
and slightly insecure,

This could be out of old memories
haunting him, so his mind is not pure;

Through this stage will blurt erratic emotions,
have internal cries and external explosions.

Yes good girls, who attract the beater,
laughs at you and to make it worse...

You know he's a cheater.

This is what you want a sadistic
form of love?

he gets pleasure of your pain,
you get pleasure through sex,

But it's only momentary gain,
you only a victim to his game.

There are different types of

ones based on true love,
others just use their hips...

Whatever relationship you choose,
both of you should win and
no one should lose...

"Find the one that can build with you,
or collapsed in the structure of lust....."


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, it was meant to cover all scnerios in a short poem, could have done more, but would have bombarded people. maybe a part 2. Thank you for the read. bzzzzz