Monday, 19 November 2012

A cloud poem...

I remember 

one day looking in the sky 
and the clouds started 
forming into dragon wars. 

I remember

When clouds served a purpose 
for the imagination, 
now it's chemicals used 
for slow de-elevation. 

I remember 

watching the sunset behind the clouds,
As the sun got lower 
the clouds would change colour. 

I remember 

Running in fresh autumn rains 
now when it rains I feel a
chemical burn in my eyes, 

 The clouds shed their poisonous cries.

The sky is now polluted and  
air chokes on itself 
as we breath in excess particles.
which harms oneself.    

Nature is warning us, she is getting 
sick and the less we help sustain her 
the more we all be at risk. 

she will not forgive easily, as we 
have ravaged her with 
stupid experiments. 
So when she throws a earthquake 
it's her showing she lost benevolence. 

To go against nature 
is to go against your will, 
the more they nurture weather
The more you will become Ill...

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