Tuesday, 13 November 2012


We were one since the day of
your arrival...

Dear Brother,

Before your birth, it was like
I was playing the game streets of rage
on my own, then you pressed start;

as you join lifes game, it was never
about the points just reaching
the end with you.

There was no need to compete,
what I knew, you would know,
I just wanted to teach.

Let know one come in between
the brother code, for it takes
one person to poison our purity.

My talk maybe hard to handle,
thats because I am trying to make
it easy;

My experiences are lessons,
lessons you shouldn't experience.

I am the first born, but
it did not matter if I was
treated second;

with mum always giving me
the third degree.

We always backed each other up,
regardless of what went down.

I am here to guide you when
you get lost, but we've hit a cross road
and now we need to be found.

I am your wisdom but you prefer
to be ignorant;

Ignorant to my truth as you sleep
next to lies every night.

In these cold times, we should
not let our flame go out;

But you let dark passion
cover our light.

We must go back to our
childish bonfire and
rekindle it.

Now we are grown,
we have slowly parted,
I wonder
I wonder
will we finish the game we started.

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