Friday, 30 November 2012

Compass Girl

As I sit next to her in english...


Now My mum always told me if a girl hits you
It means she likes you...

She poked me with a compass so she must have
really loved me.

That or she hated maths.

Although My leg bleeds,
Her eyes weep,

as her class room sweetheart a.k.a my best friend
empties her pencil case all over the floor.

I laugh for a moment and then help her pick it up,
looking back I should have kicked her equipment
to all four corners of the class room.

I always wondered why she had so much equipment,
when her favourite item was the compass.

Looking back...
She really was a prick...

Dedicated to the compass girl  of english class 1997


  1. Brilliant Leon lol love the last line too :o)

    1. You made this poem possible compass queen. bzzzzzz