Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ideal world...

I see a world of improvement...

Where children are teachers and adults
are the students. 

Where colour has no divide so we can 
multiply together. 

Where food is grown and shipped to all

parts of the world.

Where the earth no longer breathes smog,
but inhales pure oxygen.    

Where money is replaced with moral, 
so no human could ever be poor.  

Where music is celebrated for righteousness, 
dancing to positive vibes all night. 

Where gang war is sorted out in the fashion 

of known played sports. 

Where we govern the earth, so every future 

decision we make comes to pass. 

Where families can sit around a fire, sharing 

daily growth through stories.   

Where Love is offered unconsciously so 

we can consciously live our days in peace.    

"A Positive world can just be a thought,

But when that thought is put into action
we shall see it's reality"

Have a positive Life

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