Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Let us help our future...

The children suffer, 
because we don't care, 

Look into the Youngers eyes,  
it's filled with a empty glare, 

the future means nothing to us
so we do nothing to help them prepare.

There are young ones out there
who live life way beyond their years,

all he ever wanted was a loving touch
and someone to attended his tears;

He cries no more,
he sees poisonous adults,
pondering whatever happen to the pure.
Most don't want children, 
because they don't wanna grow, 

Instead of bearing the fruits of god, 
Most bare with a devilish Ho; 

Demon children are a the cross breed
of those who were conceived, 

Not off that natural love, 
but the lust of alcohol and weed,

No proper role models, 
left him wondering 
"will I even succeed?"  

Kamikaze children is what is on the rise,
because of what is advertise, 

We flaunt in front of them, 
helping them chase the lies. 

Most parents are big kids 
and find it hard to save their young,

mummy has a 14 year old daughter, 
and her daughter has a son,

Even if she can't raise him,
let us not make his future shun, 

Let us help lighten the load, 
not make it weigh a ton,

Because it will take a mass of us, 
to make him feel like someone...

"Every child has a gift,
adults need to help nurture it
so they can naturally live"

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