Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Material Realm

Don't run from your truths,

Are you ready when the times 
start changing? 

Will you tune into the higher 
frequencies or lower ones;

higher frequencies will come
through higher beings, but only
if you believe.

Lower frequencies will come through
the material realm of earthly delights,
as long as they are tended to
you will be distracted.

War is material, it is there to help
all your existing technology to
stay up to date;

Knowing you can't take it on your
expiry date.

Consumerism is a mental state
of material, we need valuables
to identify with are outer entity;

People are afraid to burn these
treasures, yet would rather be
burned alive with them.

We were meant to share all material
abundantly, each corner of earth
has their trade,

but the western world decided
to steal instead of trade;

We are not victims because we
reap off this theft, we are more
to blame for accepting these items.

We have let these people nurture
our minds with false advertisements
long enough.

Most of us couldn't care less about the
labour behind the valuables;

People in poor conditions make you look rich,
But in the eyes of God you are already broke.

Material is the fore front of why
the soul is in exile;

if it is hidden through your life you
will never truly be seen.

Let us make a web of unity,
and wear its silk robe, wouldn't
life be the more smooth?

"Earth is the material realm;
why is it we bask in items of
temporary value, giving them a
permanent connection?"

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