Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Meet your maker...

How dose one truly feel your presence?

How many people get full off pleasures...
and when those pleasures run empty
is it not you who fills their true pain.

You ask so little from us, I fear that you
will punish most, because most of
us take too much.

Somedays it's hard to believe you're
right here, as people indulge in all
that they desire before they meet you;

It is in that meeting that they will know
true power and true fear, how do you face
the source that created the world?

We shall tremble words as we answer to
our wrongs, tears up to our knees
as you replay our life guilts.

In the Devils earthly playground,
people swing with demons and
slide down the wrong path;

In Gods earthly playground, people
can swing as high as the angles
and avoid the slide to hell.

You have given people many signs,
which people have passed because they
live in a society which never stops;

But when it's there time to go,
thats when they stop and guess who
they pray to?

We are made in his image, yet
most of us have destroyed his portrait,
drawn to the wrong things...

When we stand before our maker,
we will not be able to hide behind
make up, all will be revealed;

All your blind ways have been
seen, so when you meet the divine
try not to make a scene...

"It's all good to live life with jokes,
but how many will god laugh at?


  1. I think God finds us very amusing little weird creatures :-)

    1. You know this Jenna L. he made us as he intended, so we must live it up, so we can go up. peace.