Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Heart Is Now Mine...

I'm no longer stuck in pain, 
I'm safe from your restrain, 

No longer a player to your games, 
I've Washed away your painful staines,  

Without you in my lifes journey, 
a better path remains. 

Now my heart can love again, 
no longer dose it need to pretend,

My heart has now become a bird,
my love can now ascend. 

I gave you my all, 
no more do I feel small,
I stand Tall, 

With a capital T...

Your burdens I had bared, 
now from your burdens I am free.

I was blind in my mind, 
but it was my heart that 
mad me see, 

To love myself for who I am 
Not have to put up with 
your misery, 


Now my future is looking bright, 
no longer trapped in your twisted darkness, 
I can see my light,

I have dimmed you out with ease
you're no longer in my sight.

No longer do I feel lost,
No longer am I bound, 

You were bound to loose me one day,
and on that day 

I was FOUND...


  1. Powerful, Beautiful, True

    1. The expression of freedom... bzzzzzz

  2. Freedom is a beautiful state :-)

    1. A state which we need to help build, so many think trapped so they shall never feel free. Bzzzzz.