Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Old man why hate?

Old man with the cider can, stop drinking
and start thinking.

I give you a few pence, which helps you
put on pounds,

You dare attack me, but I aint going
no rounds.

I'm young enough to be your son,
you're lucky that I'm a polite one,

If you were to pull that on another youth
That youth might pull a gun.

The drink has opened your immune system
and closed neurones to your mind,

I spoke to you on a humble but your
response was unkind.

Dead talk with a mono tone,
your words are as empty as a hollow home,

keep up that drinking and you will be all alone.

When you talk, your words hold no truth,
you're under the devils state as you holla at female youth.

Disgrace to your age,
you old dog, you belong in a cage,

Trying to get what you can in your last days.

Spirit is controlled by spirits,
weak life equals a strong death,

why baptise yourself in cider until
your last breath?

Your cries I have no sympathy for,
next time we converse, it will be raw.

Words can be rich, but you make me
wanna speak poor.

This is not a rhyme, nor a waste of my
time, why are you sour puss?

you better learn how to lime.

Drink can be godly,
but you bring out the devil,

if you can't handle the drink,
You better change the level.

Do something more constructive,
like learning how to live,

Stop taking from people,
you better learn how to give;

Give out some wisdom,
get out of that mental prison,
If these are your last days,
do you think you'll reach that kingdom?

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