Friday, 23 November 2012

Positive reflection...

I am thankful for the people
you sent upon me,

For everyone I have met has added
Heaven to this Earthly experience.

In this place their maybe many wars,
but amongst me are those who bring me peace...

Piece of Mind
Peace & Love

You have surrounded me with
those who wield the same power as
you, the ability to create;

For one can't build on his own,

"peace to all my friends".

I am thankful for the parents
you gave me, 

Because if not for their teachings
I would not have passed many of
Lifes unexpected lessons.

"Thank you Mum... Thank you Dad" 

I am thankful for the children
you blessed upon me,

As they have let me live the good times
that I never had as we play they my mind off the 
adult years as the inner child unleashes. 

"Thank you for showing me true fun. Love to my Children"  

I am thankful for the queen
you put in path,

As she treats me like a true king,
sticking by my beliefs, helping me rule
my dreams, so we can rule our world;

We shall create our true kingdom one day...

"How can the world not be beautiful, when I wake up next to you everyday"


Im just thankful...

1 comment:

  1. brought a tear to my eye! your words mean everything and will always remain true....the passion and determination you have are phenomenal which display growth to you and others around are a true soul who will do his best in building a better foundation for your family and and those who need a little push into the right direction. Peace and Love to my King x