Sunday, 18 November 2012

See You Beyond The Skies Limit...

To those who have lost
a loved one;

They are not lost, because you
can find them in your heart,

They may not be with you physically,
but spiritually you don't part.

They live through your memories,
you shall not forget,

When they pass through your mind,
remember happy memories,
make no time for regret.

As long as you talk about them,
they will forever and always exist,

If they done more good than bad,
they will surely and purely be missed.

Rest In Peace they may,
but try not to live in pain,

They would want you at your happiest,
not wanting you to morn in vain.
Even if you don't see them on the other side,
at least you got to meet them here
and they were in your life.

If you had a powerful kinship,
your twin flames shall be one,

when you re-ignite in paradise,
you'll shine together like the sun.

"If we live life
to our truest,
we should not
fear death,
so let us not
live false to our
very last breath"


  1. Very true poem Hornet, we need to remember and enjoy what they did, who they were, and our time we were able to spend with them. My grandmother was a head nurse at ahospital and she did her part for society and had many friends. It makes me happy to know that many people knew her, caredfor her and admired her. She was a good person and always aimed to help others and ferl loved by others. This poem is a great reminder to remember the positives and to be happy for them crossing your path in life.

    Piece Bombs

  2. This peom is a healer teaching breathers to bear the pain of non breathers . Truly bless better than the preachers. J.U.S.😂😂wit dat being said.