Friday, 16 November 2012

Short Letter To war...

Dear War,

You have gone on long enough,
how many people must you kill?

What is it you want? all these years
and you still haven't got it...

Look I know you're just a word,
But you mean so much to those
who want power;

you went from a word to
in humane manifestation as
the idea has plagued the earth.

You are used for their benefits
as they pay you with human lives.

Their are fields full of bodies,
these lands are no longer green,
all I see is the colour red;

pastures have been replaced with
blood puddles of fallen brethren.

Those who worship you are going
to be in a endless battle,

a battle not with the one that created them,
but the one that defined them...

It is you who defines these peoples
existence and they shall see you after;

They feel victory in this present,
but in the here after shall fight
soldiers of the past.

Your warmongers justify you to create
their dream world, but as they sleep
have nightmares of young dead soldiers.

Oh War, you bring karma to the earth, so it's
inevitable I am going to have my hour;

Your time is almost up, as my hands
will strike the clocks soon.

You are used in vain, every
generation has mirrored you;

So they shall never see the beauty
of earth in their time.

If you want to take a break
come and join me...

Your Sincerely and Forever Opposite,







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