Saturday, 3 November 2012

Stuck by choice...

This is the type of person you're looking for?
Someone who is rich, but will love you poor;

Do you feel you have power
because you know he's insecure?

He needs me, He needs me,
you can say that all day but under his
wing you will never be free.

He couldn't care less of the efforts you make,
you trying to correct him is your biggest mistake.

You put yourself there all out of choice,
once a loud and proud woman,
but he took your voice;

Now you spend most days in empty sIlence...
the only time it gets loud is when it turns to violence;

he beats you like a man,
more power he feels knowing you're
on the receiving end of his hand.

After the storm, you may have some calm sex,
as he penetrates you, your mind becomes a vortex;

Emotions spinning out of control,
as he penetrates you more,
you feel the emptiness of your soul.

You call it love, but to me you must be lonely,
passing all the real men to stay with a phoney.

You couldn't care less if he beats you,
stamps you out and mistreats you,
handles you like a whore and says who's allowed to see you.

Why is it after you except his apologies?
knowing their false, do you like living 360 degrees?

Same circle, so your life will never be straight,
claim you're looking for love,
how can you actually love his hate...

Keep telling yourself you wanna run away, after he goes
to his mistress, why is it you still stay?

There is better game out there, insert a new coin, and play;

Because if you play his game, your life will be over, 
you may as well where a tag carved with the name rover.

I am here to let you know that you can choose, win once
in your life, don't stay and be a fool because you will lose;

Lose out in friends
Lose out in family
Lose out in life
and defiantly Lose your sanity.


"You came from a woman, so
why would you beat one, how
can you look mummy in the face
when she calls you son"

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