Friday, 21 December 2012

Aquarian age has come...

The new age has come...

Fear of freedom? 

Fear for those who are sceptics, 
yet freedom for those who believe; 

the free ones shall guide 
those in fear. 

It is the awakened ones job 
not to leave another in a slumber; 

for they have slept through 
the signs of change. 

Scared tactics will prevent your 
growth for the next few years, 

Because the powers at be are getting 
weaker as our enlightenment gets stronger.

This is our home and all we were offered
was space age materials,

When all we needed was earthly love. 

Prophets have come and gone, leaving 
us with words of warning and guidance, 

Some are seen as crazy, we agree with this 
so we can justify our ignorance. 

They say many are called,
but few are chosen...

And the few who did fall,
In many they have risen.

Let us manifest what we believe
is right and nothing can really go wrong.

Let us not dance with these devils,
but create a godly song...

"A new age came along and said;
everyday from now can be your birthday"

Shout out to civilised, Happy new age
on the day of your conception, 


  1. Change is coming whether we like it or not and it's all good. Bring it on! It's why people like you and I are here. To help and inspire our brothers and sisters to touch their greatness. :-)

    1. For real, the change is coming and we are part of this golden age. Thank you for all your longterm support as it has been part of my inspirational journey. See you in the higher realms. bzzXXzz

  2. Omni A Mutantaur. A tattoo on my right arm because it is SO right. Omni= all/everything, A=has or will, Mutantaur is where we get the word mutate from... change. EVERYTHING has always and always will change. Even change itself. To me this new age is a time when folks awaken to the fact that they don't have to just ride the current anymore. (thus the age of Aquarius, again Latin for "of the water") We can directly affect the change whether it is in creating a stoppage (dam) to allow for collecting (information, lessons, ideas), diversion, (when we feel things don't go right we can CAUSE change) or even allowing it to dry up by staying asleep or rejection. We can, as a larger group flood issues (Occupy), or individually we can drip (constant plodding on with change in our own personal lives)Regardless, change is and always will be inevitable. Now is the time to embrace that simplest of facts.

    1. So much truth in your comment, I personally have always gone with the flow of the universe, it has made lifes ride just that extra easier, there is to much blockage in people... This is a time for re-evaluation for those who REALLY want a CHANGE.