Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa...

Why is it that you don't visit my home
and I have to see you at the Westfield dome?

Mummy did describe you as a fat man in a suit,
How did you get through the chimney,
wouldn't you get stuck n the owners shoot...

But where I live, no homes even have a chimney,
You say you give all these gifts,
but I still here children say give me,


But mummy use say
"say give me one more time
and I'll give you a slap"

You failed us children, yet we still believed,
I'm older now satan clause and shall
never be deceived.

But I don't see no bitches,
I see mummy getting poor,
whilst you take all the riches.

I remember when I was six,
you didn't reply to my list...
giving me socks and pants...
where was the gameboy and lego bricks;

Looking back on it now
I had many child hood fits...

Because if I didn't get what I wanted
I would take it out on my mum,
when it was her doing overtime
trying to please her son.

So satan clause I say Fuck you
for all the presents,
I take all them thanks you's back
and return them to my parents.

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