Saturday, 1 December 2012

Do we need to talk???

Why is it when you ask for my
truth you would rather here a lie. 
It's so hard to deceive you girl, 
i'm just not that type of guy.

I may not give you what you want 
to hear, but offer what you need to hear,
I know it sounds like bitter words
but sweet words go right through your ear. 

I here all your pains, 
but you would rather talk through pleasure;

Your pleasure is a defence, 
when you think my words 
are on the offence,

which makes both of us vex,
you create loud arguments, 
which lead to silent sex;

Pointless penetration, 
love can be shown through intercourse, 
but true love is communication. 

Feelings are all over the place, 
will we ever find peace; 
you love the war
but with that war, 
our love is what will decrease. 

Somedays I like the silence, 
but you break it with pointless noise, 
push me to the edge most of the days, 
you're lucky I have strong Poise.  

My words are not meant to hurt you, 
but meant to heal you,
I am not here to destroy, 
but here to help build you. 

Please stop crying,
I hate it when your not smiling;

My words bring rain to your eyes,
sorry if I don't speak like the other guys, 
at least you know I am going to be direct 
and anything I say isn't going to be a surprise. 

I don't talk for my sake, 
but I talk for ours,
if you listened carefully, 
there would be less of those needless showers.    

The physical stage is gone,
we have to communicate,
if we want to go on,

lets talk right now,
before our future goes wrong...  


  1. Most people go through their lives never understanding that true Love IS communication. It is the communication of the soul. It has a unique language that can not be quantified, spoken or comprehended by mankind. It is the stillness, the quiet knowing, that needs nothing, asks for nothing and gives everything.