Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Forever Connected

I chose to come through your
portal, when our worlds merged, 

it was the day we realised 
we were meant to be. 

As you hold me tight in 
the cold white room.
Put me upon your chest, your
heart beat speaks true love to me. 

I knew from the moment you 
cried, your tears were my tears, 
your pains were my pains. 

My dear mother...
I have learned from you;

You have taught me how to 
identify truths in a woman,
for no woman can be truer than you. 

You are a queen without a king; 

In the game of chess the queen
is the most superior piece:

As you protected all your pawns. 

I am your son and I apologise 
if I shine like my father. 

I am not him, I am me,
why can't you see the efforts
of the man you raised?

Every time I hurt you, 
silent tears rain on my heart.  

I am here to balance out any wrongs 
that may have occurred to you in life.

At times when you are low i should 
come by and say high... 

for you are my goddess and i'm 
your angel from the sky.  


  1. Beautiful, honest words Le Hornet :) May you have a wonderful Christmas and be full of Joy, laughter and smiles xx

    1. Always smiling and looking forward to a wonderful year, may prosperity and power come unto you as well. bzzXzz