Tuesday, 4 December 2012

In Search Of...

I am on a search to find out
who I am...

But where do I start?

In the hills of Scotland...
the beaches of Jamaica...
or the deserts of Bahrain...

Wherever I go,
will I even fit in?

I only know my culture from
an outside perspective,
will they even let me in...

Can my spoiled city life adapt?

Some rarely throw their
old culture away,
so they will never catch
on to new ways.

In London, life is full,
But I still feel empty;

In London, there's a lot to gain,
but it's so easy to get lost.

People run for this country,
but never run from this country;

Why don't they wanna fly to
their home lands...

I dont wanna be another statistic
content with one culture,
for the comforts of a giving society
takes more from you than you know.

I know I am a body of earth,
but my skin reflects
a certain light;

It is important to find out my
whole identity, as most of my life
I have been called Half-cast.

I would like to know where I get
some of my personality traits from,
if only I could swim in my gene pool...

I need to know my roots because
I am part of a big family tree,
all I need to do is climb downwards
and find out from the seed.

"Know yourself, 
so you can truly 
be yourself
be yourself
and you can truly
know yourself"


  1. All root lead into the mother earth.

    Dope poem, introspective.

    1. Had to get my inner journey of my chest.