Monday, 10 December 2012

Library be gone...

You dare knock down libraries and
replace them with what???

For the power of books are infinite.

You would put books on electronic devices
knowing they will eventually burn out;

books don't burn un-less one does it out
of intention...

Hitlers ideal resurrects, except they knock
down libraries and lock up sacred books.

How many times must they re-write history?   

Books have the power to take you through
a journey, whilst you're on a journey.

Before books we were writing on tablets,
Now we read off electronic tablets;

Modern day Egypt and we are nothing but
technological slaves.

Books power the minds battery, without having
to worry about a battery,

Books do not expire where technology does;

In a black out all one has to do is burn a candle
and dive into an adventure,

what good is your ebook library then?

Books reflect un-concious thoughts as each page
talks to a new emotion.

Instead of ridding off libraries, make one
street full of them, direct all who want to learn
to this district.

The library is the minds gym,
it has so many stories the heart can feel
and takes the soul through endless journeys.

"I guess people don't give a shit about books,
as the paper is probably used for toilets instead of reading"

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