Saturday, 15 December 2012

Man... Keep it real...

Where are all the men?

They have dispersed from
responsibility, leaving the
woman to play both roles.

dose it matter if the father
leaves the son?

because eventually the son
will outshine the father;

as he is the true light,
knowing daddy has always
stayed in the dark.

But what of the daughters...

Will they not chase men
that is the same as their father?

Or will they forever choose
the wrong men, because you
wasn't right by their side...

Why create a family you
willingly destroy?

You are meant to build your
woman, so she can secure
the foundation,

Ever since you left,
she's looking for the next
Mr Right, wearing some foundation;

but how is she going to ever find,
if she is still hiding...

So where are all the real men?

Because a woman needs that touch,
as she holds you in her arms
she wants to feel that love and trust...

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