Sunday, 16 December 2012

Middle Man

Being in the middle...
a burden for me,
but a balance to others.

You cannot cross the
other side without me.

I am in stealth mode,
trust me... I am free.

I connect the people,
I don't need admiration,

My job is getting from A to B,
and never to see a police station.

I am least observed for
my good deeds and will
never be caught in the bad,

No one notices me
police evade me
so I will never be in a wanted ad.

Being on top has its rewards,
I don't need the greed,
because greed is for fools.

This job pays my bills,
gets me my next meals,
all I have to do is transfer simple deals.

My job has a handsome royalty,
and when things get ugly they
cannot question my loyalty. 

I do what I do, not for the light,
I do it for the love and to help
businesses reach new height.

Every company needs a middle man,
they half the load
keep the client with a full hand,

also have the tolerance to take
on the hardest demand.

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