Friday, 7 December 2012

My fight...

I was lost for a while and
now I am found.

My heart and
my mind battle and 
my soul as the referee.

I see all the wrongs I have done,

as I walk through my mind
trying to make them right.

I feel all the pains I have given,

as the strings of my heart play
melodies to soothe me.

I am in fetal position,
I feel like a new born
in the womb,

guilt is my mother and
I am afraid to leave.

My battles run through
my mind 100mph,

So fast, I spew through
my mental highway. 

So many bad thoughts come
to me, I deal with them
one by one;

I tell these thoughts, 
"you will no longer keep me down"
as I throw them up one at a time.  

As the thoughts leave my mind 
my heart starts to slow down...

I feel calm...

My heart and my mind are
in sync for the first time.

Serenity pumps through
my blood, 

This blood rushes to my mind,
and floods it with peace. 

My mind was a world full of 

now I have battled 
all the bad thoughts... 

Life is starting to look good

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