Monday, 17 December 2012

Now I know my ABC But Do I know my MSG?

Mummy Mummy
I want K.F.C

Thats good you know your alphabet,
but do you know M.S.G?

It was known as a substance
which effected the eyes,

now it's in most foods
from cambell soups
to your apple pies.

But it taste so so nice...
I would rather Mcdonalds...
Not your vegetables and rice.

Fast food will lead to a fast
brain death, it can speed up the process
of parkinson's, alzheimer's and ALS.

I know you want that sweetie,
But if I give you that now,
it will lead to obesity,

It starts out addictive,
but can end fatally,

The common one for the children
would be ADHD.

M.S.G excites your brain,
taste good right now
but brings future pain,

leads to infertility and
can cause a migraine,

Such a biological weapon,
they even change it's name,

Look out for it's alias
also known as Aspertaime.

Who cares Who cares
it's not like it's poison,

Yes it is... it's a legal poison
and it's also an exito-toxin,

which assist the cells to become rotten. 

But food was for survival,
now it's made to kill,

Now that I see a part of truth
I shall watch whats in my next meal...

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