Wednesday, 16 January 2013

First and last_Our times

Londons truth, letting you know the deal on how life really is here, don't take it as slander, appreciate the real talk or you can come here and endure a long and fake walk.

Peace to Apex and OMeza First and Last U.K.

OMeza Music Video -

Apex Music Video -

(Support the London activists. Bzzzzzzz)


  1. ...great video...lyrics...the way it is shot...the edit...the end...loved the message...very real...don't like the way men stick together...the women fit a stereo type...i want to see an end to that...break through all the patterns to reveal the one true beauty of all...stop buying into dead mens shoes...create anew a different dawn...

    1. Thank you, these are the messages for the future, the children need to know the true voices of their time.

      Much love for the watch and expect more as their growth is inevitable, they have been here from young so their wisdom has tripled since the last years.

      Peace to you L.C.