Sunday, 24 February 2013

@computer game

we drive around 
mario's race way,

visit soulcaliburs dark age, 

sometimes together 
we walk through 
the streets of rage.

We play dark souls,
competing for the 
most humanity, 

when I am fighting 
on mortal kombat 
she's reading my fatality.

We walk through 
emerald hills,
she always 
got my back, 

sometimes we 
play Tetris in 
the background,
listening to 
back to black. 

we conquer 
the land 
of Hyrule 
in search for 
the princess,

have nightly 
brain training 
with Dr Kawashima  
on our DS;

She's got the pink 
I got the black,

I can wear 
mine with 
my Jordands 
she can with 
her air max.

She's my 
by my side
when I'm playing 
street fighter,  

she even 
me, when my 
points are 
getting higher.

I know she 
gets board 
when know ones 
in the lobby,

But she'll 
wait right 
with me,
I'm so glad 
she's into my 
childhood hobby.  

We comunicate 
through the virtual, 
but it strengthens 
our reality, 

you my 
final girl
and you are 
not a fantasy.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you... Life just dose not feel that sour anymore. bzzXXzz