Monday, 25 February 2013

Made it up, but look beneath...

Stop claiming to live a path 
of righteousness in the state
of wrong doing... 

Stop talking about education, 
yet hold discrimination... 

Stop talking about a way of life, 
when you constantly living that hype. 

Stop telling me things I need to hear, 
and really tell me what will get me there.... 

Stop telling me I am a sinner, when 
you have never acted like a saint;

Even if you are a saint stop telling 
me not to sin.... 

We are all in a place of confusion, 
because we like that life is an illusion, 
why is willy lynch in effect but 
we ignore Hue P Newton? 

This world is on a brink... 
We are first to extinct, 
She can live forever, so whilst we 
live, we better breathe and think. 

Is this anger? 
More like a random talk, 
you act like you are on moves, 
but I never see you walk.

Walk as far as the shop,
after your job seekers, 
buying poison drinks that 
bring out your grim reapers. 

Do what you do, weathers it's 
work or play, remember it's not 
only what you do,
 be carful in what you say. 

I make it up as I write, 
I go with what feels right, 
I could care less if your brains loose,
but I keep my screws tight. 

Is this just a poem or something 
meaning less... 
Read it again and again and 
eventually it will reach you chest... 

This is another state of mind, which
is called DPS...

"Be who you are at every highest moment, 
weather it be a god for a day 
or you're fighting your lowest omen"

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