Saturday, 16 March 2013

Block Party....

As soon the block come out,
you know it's going to be a party.

Minutes of team building,
gets destroyed in seconds,

The gang is called the kickers
and the leader wears
the shoes Kickers;

Any building over 3 feet
goes under their feet.

In the party you have the
skateboard and ski crew,

The skaters:
customising a balance board
out of a flat piece of wood
using a long thick piece
as a truck, they manual
the imaginary streets.

The Skiers;
using the short thick pieces as
skis and the long pieces as ski poles,
they were riding the woolen slopes,

there were a couple of crashes,
but nothing they can't handle.

There was even a local market stool,
so if you were ever hungary just visit
him, he had all types of foods;

and if you were to lazy to walk to him,
you could get a flight from the pilots
of block express.

After all the re-building,
if you were getting hot,
you had the blocks local
ice cream pallor;

hard as ice,
warm as fresh cows milk,
and tasted a like a light bark,
I didn't se know one complain.

All in all I enjoyed the party,
I can just imagine what the next
one is going to be like.

Dedicated to my young'stars, 
at work keeping the youth in me.   


  1. Reading this..and your humorous insights, Lei, the issue isn't your young'stars keeping the youth in you...that is tight...rippling like the light on a stream moving so softly like a simmer..

    Peace and blessings on all you do. Keep shining so I can find my way home by your light reflections..

    1. Thank you, I am glad you see my works of life from all aspects. power and thank you for the continus support. bzzzzz