Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Years...

Mothers day... 

Is not today, never has been 
and never will be. 

it was yesterday, 
it is tomorrow,
and it is now...

It was the day I helped you 
with your shopping, 
when your other son never 
came out and the day was pouring. 

It was when I came 
the night you were crying, 
when your other son was 
busy with his girl not replying.  

It was when I gave you that 
hug my dad never gave,
when I saw you crying, 
I wiped your tears away. 

It was the month you had 
no money to pay your bills, 
I would give you money 
so you can get some meals. 

It was the weeks that you 
broke your leg... 
and it was I who brought you 
breakfast in bed.  

It was the year you had to 
go abroad and I took 
responsibility keeping your 
bills on board. 

It was the day that know one 
wanted to help, but as you are 
my mother I will always 
come to your yelp. 

So dear mother your day
is not today
never has been 
and never will be. 

It was yesterday 
It is tomorrow
and will be forever...

Your Son

Le Hornet

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