Friday, 8 March 2013

Hornet VS Labour

As I play pro evolution,
with the bigsho,
as each goal scored
went from a cheer to a groan

So we take a walk
to get some chicken
which tasted like
cheese and vinegar.

18 year old hornet giving
her the OK, telling her
stop exaggerating;

I was young and numb,
what did I know
about pregnancy,

Except how to get
pregnant and even then
I must have not listened.

but it does not
matter now
because they're here.


The pain I felt
seeing my girlfriend
in the labour ward.

Every moan brought
fear to my stomach,

The closer her contractions,
the more intense my
facial reactions.

I let her squeeze my
hand for three seconds
and then I tag her mum.

I rocked on my chair like
a granddad telling a
folk tale to children;

Except my child did
not arrived yet.

In her tiredness, she
allows me some rest,

I rest and awake to a
a joyous moment, with
wu tang pinky ring playing.

I walk over and see my future,
as I hold him wondering about mine.

In that beautiful moment
with my son,

young hornet, spurts out...


No laughs... just disappointing looks...

except from my son, I could have sworn
I saw him smile.