Sunday, 17 March 2013

How Do I Past The Future?

I feel like John Conner
from the terminator,
did people forget they had legs
they really rely on the escalator,
I go to a supermarket
and the machines
are taking over...

Who needs
a note pad
when I've
ot an Ipad,
my eyes are
so on the screen,
that biker took
my handbag,

why is her head so low,
she almost got kidnapped.
Technology is relevant,
it really isn't a problem,  
It's not like
I am a slave to it,
it's not like
I'm picking cotton,
I know I spend
so much money on it,
because the pounds
are adding to my bottom;

Alright Alright, it makes 
me a little lazy,
I feel I don't need
to go to  the park,
when my screen saver is a daisy,
If I don't have the latest gadget,
I probably would go crazy.

I can't cook, so I get a 
microwaved meal, 
I would skip my five a day 
to get the latest
Apple or Blackberry deal, 

Social network
with fake people, 
to let them know
that I am real. 

We make machines, 
so there's know way
they can make me,
It's on a virtual gadget
that  helps me with
aspects of reality,
I can't live
without it, 
with it I can define
my individuality.

I am not scared
of machines 
as they keep
my life going,
they tell me when
it's a nice day to wear
shorts or wrap up
when it's snowing, 
I don't need a book,
my smart phone 
keeps me in the knowing.  

What is the fascination with 
 old space age technologies,
it isn't really new age,
the Egyptians 
have been doing
this fore centuries, 
We are a brain dead nation, 
our minds are in
binary cemeteries. 

"Terminators are coming, 
I-Robot is around the corner,
the matrix said the machines will 
come back to Zion
create a new order..."


  1. Lei...awesome!


    I laughed at this bit: "I feel I don't need to
    go to the park, when my screen saver is a daisy.."

    Keep defining your reality for to stop would add to the calamity..and I'd miss gems like this: "We are a brain dead nation,
    our minds are in binary cemeteries."

    ..a poetry pyre... :-)

    1. Much obliged, I am glad you found humour through this, I actually enjoyed writing this piece. bzzzzzzz

  2. I laughed when I read this! It reminds me of how much times have changed since I was a kid when the most exciting technology we had was a bicycle! And then came Commodore 64!

    1. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA, Standard, that would have hyped me, I remember the green screen gameboy, and I actually thought I was ahead of time. bzzzzzzzz