Thursday, 14 March 2013

Who Am I Now????

I am not me... 

I am the enemy... 
all though I can feel it,
I cannot see... 

The devil inside... 
Hell I enjoy this ride... 
Heaven seems like an illusion, 
when what you see is on low tide; 

Let the moon beam, 
so I can see my dream, 
If I can feel the fires of hell, 
Let my life blow some earthly steam. 

My anger is not random, 
it's all in a written plan... 
Somedays I don't believe that, 
because this life seems written by man;  

Man has no concept of life, 
so why dose he fear death?
Lies about breathing on a  daily, 
when hourly he's losing breath;

Talking about this, 
but don't know about that, 
Tell me I'm speaking garbage, 
when it's you who's full of crap.

I am not a hater, to the life I've got, 
But how can I love earths core, 
when people make her rot, 

The more I know in these times, 
the more I feel like I'm in a cot. 

I scream and cry,
but I don't want to die, 
but this is not my place 
of choice, me... I just want to fly. 

The state of anger now, 
is not a state of denial, 
I guess if every day was very good, 
I wouldn't know what it means to smile.  

Apologies from me, 
to tap in lower emotions, 
I would rather know the spell I'm under, 
than drink someone else's potions;  

Which witch is which?

Can you even tell? 
at least I speak from purity, 
whilst you're caught up in a spell...  


  1. There will be a time
    to born again,how?
    I don't know
    And you will discover
    That you feel lost

    1. For real, I'm born everyday, I just except my temporary states and you are right, I will probably feel lost again.

      Thank you for your read.
      Cheers to Hi vibes and better dayz. bzzzzz