Thursday, 21 March 2013

If Life Is A Ball...

If life is a ball make
sure you dance to it, 

I know it can get foul but
try and score that free kick.

Just bowl through life and
hit all your pins,

if you can't run past a certain
person pass to the wings. 

Somedays I know I cannot 
hack it, 

just ride life like a horse and 
hit it with a mallet.

Somedays you wanna
hold the ball and run
right to the end,

life is one big team game,
if you want that touch down,
just pass it to a friend.  

If you're ever on the fast break,
just dunk it in the net, 

or hit a home run, and run 
to the end with no regret.  

Our world is a ball of options, 
we can bounce with it
or kick it aside,

so just keep the ball in
constant motion and
in that motion glide.

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