Monday, 25 March 2013

spirituality is my reality...

One cannot define spirituality,
but learn
the spirit in this reality...

When the real world around me
argues and debate,
I will go home to my
custom temple to
chant or meditate;

Go beyond earths plane,
I fly with guiding lights,
and these lights
can heal my pain.

Spirituality is not a
as it's unique to everyone
whatever the

It is not a matter of how
much you know,
but what you can feel,

what is fake to another person, 
to you it may be real. 

Let no one tell you 
what to believe, 
as long as you feel it, 
who cares what others perceive;

There is one thing knowing,
but it's another thing to see. 

The spirit of your reality
can be hard to define,
especially around nurtured ignorance,
when your nature is triple nines;

Only those who know
will understand when
I speak in angel signs.

Spirituality can come on
many different levels,
through the power of the source
and even a test from weaker devils.

 Know oneself everyday
and you can never lose,
if you as a person is sleeping,
then your spirit will be on snooze.

To seek internal peace
one must go through the
external wars,
once you realise
the spirit is the key,
you can unlock many doors.

You must learn to control
the realm of the physical,
in order to get full mastery
of the spiritual;

If you ignore signs,
then expect and respect the law of
DeJa vu.  

The spirit is you in reality,
the body is just a vessel,
so you can practice life in duality.

"The spirit is something I am,
the body is something I am not,
I practice what is true right now,
because in life you only get one shot"

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  1. ..wonderful Lei...

    I like the way this poem a visual meditation...from one state to the next...returning me to Earth with a promise and a path i can follow..