Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Victory Is Mine

How I feel like like the child of 
the universal law, 

Heavens gates have finally opened, 
no longer am I bound to hells floor, 

hell may be a concept, but can feel 
real when your life is turning raw. 

But today is not about hell... 
for I have heard Heavens bell, 

it rings for me twice over... 
to let me know i've prevailed. 

I bask in victory, I have sat in patience 
and now am walking in clarity, 

it's good to know when you do good, 
and the divine blesses it in your reality,

I feel I can take on the world and know one 
can challenge me; 

no ego trip, as I am walking the path that 
makes my heart happy. 

Regardless of the strife,  
I made it through the hype,   

for once I can say 
I am living, this is my type of life. 

Once things felt like stale fruit, 
now the fruit seems ripe. 

The day is right now, 
why should I even look back, 

I will continue going forward, 
even if you fast forward this poetic track,  

If you wanna really go forward,
recite my poetry and just go back.

I say what I say because I live in the moment,
the power of god... Not just a random omen.

The power lies within,
it's about whats external not whats above the skin.

Oh how the days are more and more mine, 
how long it has taken me to continue this long long climb, 

the mountain top looks so small at this moment, 
now it indicates victory is almost Hornet's time. 


  1. Wow..Lei, an epiphany. It felt so personal, like I was reading your secret. I wanted to say something different but that will do. Is this a different style for you? You could post this on a spiritual blog...it's a step on a journey..if it's your truth. If it's not, you convinced me that it's real, and that's the mark of a good poet. More. I want more. :-)

    1. HAHAHAHA even better you spoke in the moment, I like to vary my style and you are right it is my secret... the secret to living. thank you for your read. see you in the blogging world. bzzzz