Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Young Girl, Don't Rush To Be A Woman.

Whats up young lady,
So eager to have a baby,

with an old run down man,
why is it you're living shady.

young girl, don't be pressured
to loosing your virtue.

You will attract a guilty man,
who will turn dog and the pounce you.

So young, you're just about sprouting, 
why jump in his car, that drive could be your last outing; 

Drive through heaven, more like a drive through hell, 
on that day you may wish you stayed a little girl. 

Rape is high amongst your
age group,

because you pose as a woman,
when really you're just a youth.

You are still so young,
enjoy your years of fun,

there will be plenty of time
for parties, beer, boys and rum.

Love is something
to be patient for,

don't let any man just
walk through your door;

Love will knock when it's ready,
don't be the neighbourhood whore.

Mum is now a mutton and
you're nothing but a lamb,

mummy is green with envy,
whilst your orange with a tan.

fake skin, fake personality,
you will attract a fake man,

and before mummy knows it
she is gonna be a nan.

You may have a lot to show, 
but don't let another man see, 

for him your way pass your innocence 
and he aims to steal your virginity. 

Young lady Grow up slow
and don't live life fast...

Life can be the bomb... 
just live it with a BLAST.

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