Sunday, 7 April 2013

Anger... Why Live Like That?


Anger is what destroys the peace, 
whats the point in being angry, 
when all it dose is bring 
out your inner beast. 

Anger will never lead 
ultimate to power,
every minute you are angry, 
you just wasted an hour; 

an hour will lead to a day, 
so if anger drives you everyday, 
eventually know one will here 
what you have to say. 

Anger can call at any moment 
so why say hello, 
say good-bye to it right there, 
get up and just go. 

Why show the emotion 
of an angry ocean, 
be the calm tide, 
which moves 
in a peaceful motion. 

Anger can manifest 
internally in many ways, 
but externally don't express 
it, rather look for happy days.

Anger creates problems, 
which don't even exist, 
it can make a friendly person 
look like he's a piece of shit. 

Anger is a balance, 
only if you release it properly, 
I used to think anger defined my world 
but later realised it was stopping me. 

Stress over little things, 
so you will never achieve 
anything big, anger dose 
not feel the whole, so take  
the love shovel, a new hole 
you must dig. 

If anger walks in your state, 
stop and meditate, 
don't think of it more and more 
it's worse the more you contemplate. 

All I can say in the state of anger, 
is close your mind, think happy things 
oh and get yourself some Lavender


  1. If you haven't already, it's time to get your Black Book of Poetry out there, Lei.

    Awesome anger..the most explosive of emotions. Overwhelmingly powerful, it has the ability to crush those around us but is so heavy to carry ourselves.

    This I love:

    "Why show the emotion
    of an angry ocean,
    be the calm tide,
    which moves
    in a peaceful motion."

    Spot on advice but so hard to do when you are in it's grip. The worst kind is when you feel it and you don't know why. Last week, I had to do just what you said, "...take the love shovel" and dig your way out of anger." I kept a lid on it and things slowly turned round. I crept my way back to inner peace. that's a great suggestion!

    Loving your work, Lei. Blessings on your path, Man...eternally...

    1. Thank you for your reads and in depth understandings, only makes the more powerful to know one can really dig truth of reality out of simple lines, rather than go around the corner and sniff lines of lie. bzzzz.

      POWER and VICTORY internally and externally.

      peace to you L.Collier