Monday, 15 April 2013

Awaken To Your Path

There is no freedom like 
being who you are, 
if you feel very close to yourself, 
whats to stop you from getting far? 

you can twinkle in the sky, you to 
can be a lucky star. 

I am the center of my universe,
my element is the sun, 
I bring high abundance to my 
planet and share it with everyone. 

selfish acts is what prevents most of 
us becoming number one. 

I love to give to people, 
as it adds to my karma, 
hating just for hating 
will only bring you pointless drama. 

If you want to go to a war of hate, 
come out with that love armour. 

Do not carry pointless agression, 
carry a point with intention, 
never point at another,
unless you point them in the right direction. 

Allow being disconnected 
it's about building a connection. 

If one thing is proven, 
it's that we have infinite ability, 
let us not limit ourselves,
we must learn to build an affinity.   

We are people of  high power, 
we must show our light and divinity.

If you are part of this earth, 
you already have a purpose, 
it is a high price to be here, 
so never think you're worthless. 

If you have belief in what you are 
you're guaranteed to transverse. 

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