Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Boy Become a Man..

Teenage boy acting like he's a man,
Following T.V and video games,
he never wrote a plan.

Young'star do you
understand the
concept of life?

Power is in your mind
not a gun or a knife.
Death at an early age,
why do you choose 
to live trife?

Are you ready to live?
before you take
another  persons life;

You better
be ready to give...

everyone deserves a chance, 
do not decrease the peace
only through love 
you will enhance. 

Life is a balance didn't
daddy ever tell you,
you still have shelter
so mummy never failed you.

Boys killing boys,
to be part of a crew,

when they drop your ass
you're left with know
one but you.

Life Has so much to
show you, just use your
eyes and see,

Live everyday
as your young,
natural and free,

Never let a
school tell you
who you are.

Let no older man
tell you that
you cant
go far. 

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