Saturday, 13 April 2013

Friend...Ship... Let It Sail...

Friendship has a high price on who we are, 
but if it is abused, 
one will have to pay the cost...  

When a friend has done you
a favour, do not avoid them,
as the cost of that will be trust.

When a friend has been there
at your disposal and you dispose them,
the cost of that will be regret.

When a friend has always walked beside you 
and you talk behind their back, 
the cost of that will be to never see them 
in front of you again. 

When a friend thinks high of you
and you show them a low nature,
the cost of that is slow growth. 

When a friend offers you pure heart 
and you Poison him with your mind, 
the cost of that is you will no longer 
be soul binded.

When a friend has done something small
and you take it very big, 
one was not really looking at the friendship... 

When a friend brings anger
and you're at peace,
should you lot really go to war?

If a friend reflects characteristics
of what you hate,
should you not teach them to love?

If there is stress in a friends world,
out of all people
should you not understand?

You can defend a friend so much,
but when they attack you,
should you take it personally?

"Behind your back friends may debate,
when together they will elevate,
friends should always be friends,
just be aware of each others life state"

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