Sunday, 28 April 2013

God I talk, please listen...

I am afraid when I see you,
you will reject me,
I know being here on your earth
that you are here to protect me.
But it's the forces of evil trying
to get me"

Get me through the lust,
trying to get me to break my trust,

the only reason I pass those tests
is because I imagine your disgust.

Disgusted if I were to ever fail,
thats why when you 
are on my mind 
I know I can prevail.

Prevail in all that you give,
I know the devil wants me dead,
but it is my belief that helps me live.

I live the life you made,
not the one to 
be a slave,

With your help
one day 
I hope to 
make a beautiful trade.

Trade my life for yours,
I'm fighting for a good cause.

Good cause around
bad people, 
I judge them not,
but treat them equal.

Equal is how you made us,
 as your creation,
we fight and fuss.

Fuss will not protect them,
I'm already afraid of your rejection,
I will do what I have to do,
until the day you except them...


  1. Nice dip in the spiritual sea of poetry, Lei. I read it, my eyes flowing like a trickling stream...down to meet the ocean of One and total acceptance.

    You write from your, you know the unconditional Love thing love's you no matter what you do. You are the blooming flower that each attempt to reach the sun grows you higher, makes your petals open more, and adds the scent of sweet freedom.

    Thanks for sharing your buzz. Later...later...

    1. Thank you, another comment from you equals another smile for me. I shall see you on the waves of synchronisation.