Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hornet Concept Karma... (A 2007 Writing)

Never tell a person 
what is good about them 
nor bad about them. 

Whether it's bad in your eyes, 
and good in his eyes, 
will no solve anything.

The solution to understanding 
good or bad is Karma

The concept of an action 
or deed and whatever his   
cause maybe, will have an

Karma is a unseen force, 
so most do as they see 
but remain blind to the 

If one dose not believe it simply 
dose not exist, it makes it the easier 
to justify their wrongs, especially 
if they know they're are not living right.   

If one believes it exist, will be part 
of a never ending equilibrium, 
which will bring a long lasting peace 
with the world around them.

Karma is the universes balance, 
it holds justice together for those 
with a physical life.

It is your judge and jury, 
your bad luck and good luck,  
it's your minds thoughts as well as 
your hearts yearnings. 

Karma heres all your secrets, 
and will reveal them to you eventually.

Karma looks at all your intentions and 
if good will reward you handsomely.

So never tell a person they are 
good or bad, 
just let Karma do the talking. 

"Karma is part of our world, 
so let us endure in its energy, 
doing so will lead a life of balance. 


  1. Succinct, Lei..defining Karma. Your title opener: "Karma's only a bitch if you are" was the lead that carried the rest. You have evolved since 2007. Sweet read. Thanks for sharing it. :-)

    1. Thank you, glad you are apart of my growth, now and never ending. I looked at some old works and BAM, this word came up, may as well let it be known. more peace to you. bzzXzz