Saturday, 20 April 2013

I Dare Not Resist To Persist.

Persistance is my strength... 
many times I wanted to quit
but instead I went the whole length.  

Why would I stop if 
people kept believing, 
it is that same belief they had in me 
that kept my dream breathing; 

I know people should not
prevent you being,
but it's always good to know 
that others are seeing. 

If my heart is still going, 
who cares what the mind thinks, 
I wanna see my soul glowing. 

I never knew what it meant to fail 
as I kept on trying, 
never got grounded by negativity,
but I just kept on flying.

Trusting in what you do, 
should make that the more easier, 
never follow another persons gain,   
work towards being your own leader; 

Lead yourself to the end, 
if it gets a little hard just 
lead yourself to a friend, 
as long as you're doing all the leading, 
your mission will asend. 

I am almost at MY top
and victory is almost near, 
I am in a state of content and 
not bombarded by the fear. 

Quitting achieves you nothing, 

complaining never makes it something, 
it can get tiring some times, 
you just have to keep on running. 

The race is almost over, 
now to train for a new one, 
even if i don't finish first 
guess what...


"I resist to persist...
Keep going... I insist..
I will achieve my all 
in the days that I exist."

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