Thursday, 11 April 2013

I Except, Now I Can Live...

Am I where I need to be?
I don't even know...
Will I ever get there soon?
I'll just go with flow...

I am happy
of where I am,
so I dont need
to take control,
if I ever indulged in
In fantasisy, 
it would be a bumpy road.

My life path is three,
the sign for creativity...

I respect the higher laws,
so I am weary about
what I think,
so I manifest pure love,
which keeps me powerful,
In tune and in sync.

I have learned
to let things be.
I have excepted my destiny, 
so now life is able flow 
correct, I can live it naturally;

I've excepted my Reality...

Everything else is
just an illusion,
But I find it hard
to leave the false
knowing their stuck 
in the confusion.

One cannot call me a dreamer,
if they havent seen
what I have seen, 
one cannot say I am going nowhere,  
if they havent been 
where I've been...

I have been to anger,
I have been around hate,
I have been in high moments
and drowned in my lower state;

The number eleven
is the number of my expression.

Through the energies
which have been
given to me,
I realised I could create,

Sometimes the Leo comes out 
so I may have the od debate.

With the ability to forge what I want 
thanks to the stars alignment,    
I laughed at destruction,
smiled with beauty,
and made friend with enlightenment. 

I am free,
I am free,
because I...
yes I...
except my 
given destiny...

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