Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I Hate Bad News...

The Trade Centre tragedy...  
The Boston bomb; 

more silent crimes and most 
opinions about it will be wrong. 
prejudice will come out singing 
the same song. 

Terroris terrorist, we dare not blame 
our governments, 
not to say it was them,  
but it just leads to endless arguments. 

who did what is never the point, 
blame on terrorist or the secretaries 
as long as the people aren't joint. 

This is part of a plan, 
divide a nation and conquer all, 
together WE are big, 
but this will prove again 
how we are small.  

Let us not argue what we don not know,
unless we know the facts, 
politicians live off one thing, 
our ignorance and that is how 
we get trapped; 

So it's time to question... 
not accept this mistake,
but re-write the correction.    

When times are good why does
something happen bad, 
it's the balance of this world 
and yes it will get you mad; 

Anger is the key to get you off your focus, 
they want you to question negative things, 
because to the positive is bogus. 

No power in the truth, 
but most will fight for a lie, 
people have died to make us see, 
but we still would rather cover our eyes;    

Look at history and question why it 
repeats itself, it will always be poor people bikering 
as the rich swoop up all the wealth; 

Like the eagle that they are, 
they create the accidents and you 
have to deal with the scars, 

it's days like this that make you 
wanna burn the stars... 

In this moment of time 
it is not about being patriotic, 
the government will use that state 
so you can remain hypnotic.   

I am not from the U.S, 
but  I live in the U.K
but being a child of this beautiful earth,
this event effects me either way,

Boston tonight I morn with you  
but tomorrow lets look for a brighter day. 


  1. Quick turn around, Lei...for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.

    These lines affected me:

    "together WE are big,
    but this will prove again
    how we are small."

    And this:

    "Like the eagle that they are,
    they create the accidents and you
    have to deal with the scars,

    it's days like this that make you
    wanna burn the stars..

    In this moment of time
    it is not about being patriotic,
    the government will use that state
    so you can remain hypnotic."

    Awesome...awesome. You reach down in there and give words to my thoughts. Like the Heart of the Earth you make us aware of what lies beneath the dirt, lifting it up to the light, making it Golden..

    1. Every comment I read from you only makes me aware that I am saying something correct,

      I had so much thoughts and opinions, but after reading youtube comments and false media outlets... This just came to me. you are right had I been in the state maybe my mind state would be a bit more different, I just want people to relise we are the power, these things should not exist they should just exit.

      I could speak to YOU all day about this. Thank you for the read and review, peace and more power to... YOU. bzzzz