Thursday, 25 April 2013

I Like This... Just My Opinion...

I walk with faith 
knowing I can be who I need to be, 
It is those with trapped minds who 
teach me to be free. 

It does not matter what another thinks, 
because they do not even do, 
think all you want, 
because what you think 
I shall prove. 

The journey seems painful, 
especially when there is
know one to 
plaster your pains, 

people have sharp tongues, 
somedays it feels like they're 
cutting veins;   

Even make your blood boil, 
if you stress what people say, 
of course your life is gonna go to spoil. 

If no one cares at all, 
sometimes you may feel you're alone, 
it may feel like people are dogging you, 
but if you are a smart dog, opinion is just a bone; 

Fetch it 
except it, 
take it constructively
learn to reject it. 

But do others persuasions 
make you feel better?
because people opinions are just 
like the english weather,  

watch the news one minute and 
will change, 
if argued in a favourite newspaper.   

Opinions are every where so it's 
hard to make a decision, 
they come from many books
and the worst your television, 

Who wants to here a left wing, 
when you're trying to make a decision... 

There is nothing wrong with 
words that can help and guide you, 
but even guides get lost, 
sometimes it's the best time to find a truth. 

Indulging in someones opinion
is just a waste of mind, 
you can find the real truth, 
just meditate and make that time.

People only judge from
 external reviews, 
internally you know yourself, 
so some may be confused; 

But as long as you know your victory
trust me you will never lose. 

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