Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Love Training

Love training...
it's a Heart workout...
I mean a Hard workout.

How many times
my heart has been
strengthened by love
and weakened by hate.

One should not put
to much weight
on the heart
or your love
will strain.

If you treat love
like a treadmill,
you should
put the extra
milage in to
get full benefit.

Love could be
like free training,
it should come
from your core.

Love should
not be a body
in the mirror,
exercised in vein.

Love should not
have a membership,
it should be free
to all those
who want
to exercise in it.

Love has made
me stronger,
for there is no
strain in
good intention,

the heart only aches
when there is a
negative force
clouding it,

this force can only
be set free through
the raining of pain
from the eyes;

So the sun can shine
in the heart once again
and happiness can be
in your world once again.

"If you pushed love as much
as you pushed weights, your
world would be big"

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