Friday, 5 April 2013

Random Hornet...

You have know idea who I am...

I live a life you can not imagine,
but a life you can only dream...

It's a nightmare trying to be me...

But I still hold belief.

I hold on to what I am given,
except what I am shown...

Please do not be confused...

A man who is nowhere but
can be everywhere...

Life is a gift,
but feels like a curse.

Do not ask the value of life,
if you scared to pay
the price of death.

God is what you believe,
but the devil is what
 you perceive;

Vanity... But you can see,
you living blind,
excepting a mans reality.

Blind faith,
High morals but
low intentions.

this life would rather talk,
than use their legs and walk,

Fat world with thin attitudes.

I am not here to judge,
but it sucks when people try
and be your jury,
telling you to try all, 

When it's they who try less 
and they call me the fool, 

Fall to hell, whilst trying to 
live a life of heaven, 
earth is a testing ground 
and the days evolve around seven.

I did not choose life, 
life chose me,
maybe you can come back twice,
Jesus was part of the trinity.

I care less for the illusion, 
If I cared more it would lead to...


But I try and keep it real,
but it's hard to live with
these mammals, 
when they clap like a seal.

who will set me free,
whilst I am trapped?

Know one;

because they are to focus
in becoming everyone.

I have not given up and
life will never be down,

If life was left to me, then
who am I to say what is right?


  1. You just hit the spot again and again!

    1. HAHAHAAHAHAHAH, I aims to please and thank you for your reads. power to you Jenna L.